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Romantic Romont

Today we will visit Romont. It is in canton Fribourg. This is a small medieval city which is built on the hill. The view from here is stunning…And the atmosphere is so special…Here is so quiet and peaceful…

We had no chance to visit Swiss museum of stained glass, and it is quite sad. But next time we will do it for sure! 

Romont has an old castle, church, beautiful medieval old city and lots of cute restaurants. We really enjoyed our walk in sunset.

In our opinion it is a great place to spend a day or even more! 
See you soon! Byeee





Gruyères. A wonderful castle at the foot of the Alps.

Castle and medieval town in Gruyeres is a great historical and cultural place. We think this is a place for everyone, not just historical lovers. Here you can see :


Incredible HRGiger museum !


At beautiful Tibet Museum

And of course,

Gorgeous historical museum in castle.

Very romantic…

And this stunning view…

Our advice 

Gruyeres is definitely a place to visit in Switzerland!