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The Nature park in Goldau


Since childhood I love animals. Why? Because they are real! They are not wearing masks, not lying, they are not false and not aggressive if you respecting them. Also, what is the best about animals, they have no jealousy and they love us people as we are.


One day my friend Anna called me and asked if I would like to go to the wildlife park Goldau (canton Zug). Anna with her family decided to visit this great place. I said “Yes” immediately. We had luck with the weather and enjoyed for many hours a walk in the winter sunshine. Little Kian enjoyed adventure same as we did. The park is really beautiful. It is not a regular zoo. It was built as wild nature- and animal- protection area. Yes, some animals are caged. But these are species of protected wild animals. Park Goldau coworking with scientists and investigators which are interested in saving wildlife nature. The area of the park is a refuge for trees, birds, little rodents, some species of the wild animals and of course wild goats and roes.


What I really loved is that roes and goats are walking free! They are tamed and everyone can pet them, take a picture and feed them as well! There are food automats in the park so visitors can buy a portion of food very easily. The food looks like pressed hay granules. Of course, most of the goats are already waiting for you near the food automat. They are always ready to get some food! Must say that some of them are really fat and bold. It was a lot of fun to get with the wild animals in contact!


After a coffee break, we continued our visit. Must say that in Goldau kids having a really good entertainment! When parents are enjoying their coffee kids could play in a toy corner inside the restaurant or on the outside playground.  On our way, we met some domestic animals. The funniest were donkeys. Especially one! He looked like out of cartoons with a grumpy face. Anyway, you can see that animals here are really happy. I stopped to watch the donkeys and at this moment came a huge pig and was so happy that I scratched her behind her ears. In Goldau you can see beautiful Sirian bears with big claws! Unfortunately, in Switzerland, the last wild bear was killed in 1904…


I highly recommend The Nature park in Goldau to all animal lovers! With kids or without them you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere around beautiful nature. In the park, architects built a huge wooden tower. From the top, you can look at the amazing surroundings and landscapes. There is beautiful view on the main mountain of the region – Rigi! In Goldau park kids and adults can learn a lot about wild nature of Alps. The main goal of this place is to save the wild nature. And I am supporting this beautiful and kind idea! People forgetting that they are also children of nature. A lot of humans having no respect for nature in our times…The Nature park in Goldau is a wonderful example that wild animals could live in peace with the humans. And humans can protect them.



Adress: Parkstrasse 40, 6410 Goldau

Opening hours: 9:00 – 18:00


Photos:, Yana Büchel




A little bit of a deep snow from Gstaad.

Our blog is not just a blog. This is our archive. Before, we had photo albums, but we are moving a lot…Photo albums are quite big, take a lot of space and heavy (we had big ones)…That’s why we had an idea to start our travel blog. To have all our trips in one place and also it is a great opportunity to share it with friends and another people ❤️

So, today I will post some last winter photos, which Samuel took alone, without me. I was working then. This look like a fairy tale, no?

Наш блог – это не только блог. Это наш архив. До него у нас были фотоальбомы , но это перестало быть удобным, т.к. мы очень часто переезжаем. Поэтому, родилась идея завести блог о наших путешествиях. Здесь мы не только храним фото, но и делимся информацией с нашими родными, друзьями и другими людьми. 

Сегодня, я покажу фото, сделаные год назад Самуэлем. Он катался на лыжах по глубокому снегу в Гштаад. Я тогда не смогла быть с ним, т.к.работала. Это выглядит как сказка, да?

Winter in Gstaad
Winter in Gstaad. Deep snow…
Winter in Gstaad. Deep snow…
Winter in Gstaad. Deep snow...
Winter in Gstaad. Deep snow…
Winter in Gstaad. Deep snow...
My favourite picture…
Winter in Gstaad. Deep snow...
Baby trees
Winter in Gstaad. Deep snow...
Great ski resort
Winter in Gstaad. Deep snow...
Winter in Gstaad. Deep snow...
Sämi ❤️
Winter in Gstaad. Deep snow...
Winter in Gstaad. Deep snow…

Summer in Gstaad

Gstaad is a big part of our life together in Switzerland. We met in Gstaad, we worked here both and almost all New Years together were in Gstaad as well. Gstaad mostly reminds a ski resort full of rich people, expensive cars and beautiful and peaceful mountains. But this time lets take a look how Summer in Gstaad look like.

Для нас Гштаад – особое место. Мы здесь встретились, потом оба работали. Так же практически каждый новый год мы встречаем в Гштаад.  Обычно, Гштаад ассоциируется с высококлассным горным курортом, сюда приезжают отдыхать самые богатые люди планеты! Здеь можно увидеть последние модели передовых марок автомобилей. Курорт окружают безмятежные горы.

Gstaad Palace Hotel

The Views / Панорамы

Gstaad in Summer is very green. Mountains around Gstaad are very old so from the top to the feet they are all in juicy green colours. The are many types of grass here, farmers taking care of the fields properly. Wild grass is also full of different and healing plants (watch our blog post about Launensee )

Гштаад летом зелен. Горы вокруг Гштаад образовались очень давно и поэтому они покрыты от подножия к вершине травой. Растения здесь богаты своей разнообразностью. Фермеры прилежно ухаживают за своими пастбищами. Среди диких растений можно встретить много лечебных трав. 

Gstaad in sunset
Gstaad, Matten
Gstaad in sunset
Gstaad in sunset
Gstaad in sunset
Gstaad in sunset
Gstaad in sunset
Gstaad in sunset

Activities / Развлечения

Hiking! So many hiking ways for everyone! If you want to have really special experience – go and sleep up in the mountains in a very comfortable Geltenhütte (Gelten Lodge)

Пешком в горы! Гштаад полон разнообразных пеших трасс по малым и высоким горам. Уровень подойдет как новичкам, так и профессионалам. Можно гулять вокруг курорта с семьей, либо подняться на самый ледник. Все зависит от уровня подготовки и вашего снаряжения. Так же, можно провести ночь в горной хижине, насладиться дикой природой и отличным сервисом (

Hiking in Gstaad
Hiking in Gstaad

Bicycling! There are many possibilities for bicyclists in Gstaad. Stunning views are guaranteed.

Велосипедный спорт! Разнообразие вело трасс вас очень приятно удивит! Вы можете арендовать велосипед в отелях либо специальном сервисе в центе Гштаад. 

Horseback riding! If you like outside riding it could be a little problem because here in Gstaad all outside riding is more asphalt/stones party. But if you contact you can enjoy insider trails on calm western horses with a very nice instructor! You have also indoor arena with classic horseback riding lessons and pony walks.

Верховая езда! Если вы любите животных и умеете держаться в седле, то можете устроить выезд на природу в стиле вестерн с Сарой. Ее лошади отлично обучены и она знает много интересных мест вокруг Гштаад.( ). Здесь так же есть крытый манеж для новичков и прогулок на пони.

Outside riding in Gstaad

More activities and events you can find on official website /// Больше информации о развлечениях, вы сможете найти на официальном сайте Гштаад.

These are our activities in summer. Sure it is just a small part of what you can do in Gstaad.

Это наши любимые занятия летом в этом чудесном месте. Конечно же, существует море других! 

Climate / Климат

Summer in Gstaad is amazing! First at all is not too hot. At the evening, when the sun goes down is fresh and by day you always have some light wind. Is really paradise… Also what is nice you have no mosquitos, snakes and other animals which are “painful” and dangerous. Only two animals can hurt you – horseflies and ticks in forests. Because of many cows and farms, there are many flies.

Лето в Гштаад шикарно! Там не очень жарко. Вечером, когда садится солнце, становится прохладно, а днем дует легкий ветер. Что радует, здесть нет комаров, змей или других опасных животных. Единственное кого можно опасаться – это клещей в лесах и слепней. Из-за того, что здесь много коровьих ферм, порой надоедают мухи.

Summer in Gstaad

Personally, we love summer in Gstaad. It is a great and beautiful place.  You can see many interesting people here and get a touch of the real Swiss culture. Nature here is from fairy tails…Have you been in Gstaad?

Мы, лично, очень любим лето в Гштаад. Это живописное, умиротворенное место. Здесь можно встретить много интересных людей и в то же время прикоснуться к настоящей швейцарской культуре. Природа здесь как в сказке…Вы когда-нибудь были в Гштаад?



Suspension bridge on Glacier 3000

Les Diablerets Glacier or Glacier 3000 is well known in Gstaad and Canton Vaud. This is French-speaking part of Switzerland and one of the favourite places for skiers in winter. But, when the snow melts adventures are not vanishing. In Summer you still can enjoy this place from another perspective. For example from the “first and only suspension bridge to connect two mountain pics”. The name of this bridge is “Pic Walk by Tissot”

Ледник Ле Дьяблере или Глэтчер 3000 знаменит в окрестностях Гштаад и кантоне Во. Это французкая часть Швейцарии. Глэтчер 3000 – популярный горнолыжный курорт. Но когда снег тает, приключения не заканчиваются! Летом здесь так же можно наслаждаться шикарными видами. Например с “первого и единственного подвесного моста, соединяющего две горные вершины”. Название этого моста “Pic Walk by Tissot”. 

Glacier 3000
Pic Walk by Tissot

Costs /Цены

You can discover this incredible viewpoint for free! The ticket for ski lift costs 79 CHF for an adult and 40 CHF for kids (the way up and return). Of course, you can hike up the mountain for free as well. Just you have to be ready for 4 h 20 min – 5 h 30 min of walk one way. Handsome views guaranteed. Hiking season begins in July and ends in October.

Вход на мост бесплатный. Но, чтобы подняться и спуститься на подъемнике, за билет придется заплатить 79 фр ,для детей цена билета в размере 40 фр. Конечно, можно подняться на вершину горы пешком. Для этого нужно выделить от 4 ч 20 мин до 5 ч 30 мин в одну сторону. Шикарные виды гарантированы. Уровень сложности не велик, но все же нужно реально оценить свои силы. Летний сезон для пешего горного туризма начинается в июле и заканчивается в октябре.

Glacier 3000 – The Way Up
Pic Walk by Tissot

Benefits/ Преимущества

Glacier 3000 area is a National Park with breathtaking views, pure nature, clearest air. In winter is an amazing ski area for all level skiers. Also, there are two restaurants, shop and ski service. If you are not a skier you can walk along the glacier in summer and winter. The only barrier it can be – the weather.  So, before you be going on Glacier 3000 please, check the weather or watch webcams on-line!

Район ледника – Национальный Парк. Здесь вас ждут захватывающие дух виды, естественная природа и чистейший альпийский воздух. Зимой тут рай для горнолыжников всех уровней. Здесь есть два ресторана, магазин и лыжный сервис. Если вы не умеете или не любите кататься на горных лыжах, то можете просто прогуляться вдоль ледника. Здесь есть специальные трассы. Единственной преградой для отдыха может оказаться только погода. Поэтому, перед тем, как отправиться покорять вершины, обязательно посмотрите прогноз погоды. Так же можно посмотреть актуальную ситуацию с помощью веб-камер он-лайн!

Pic Walk by Tissot – The View
Pic Walk by Tissot – The View
Pic Walk by Tissot – The View


We visited this bridge in Summer and it was quite fresh. So please don’t forget to take a jacket and good shoes. Photos are taken in August 2016.

Мы поднимались на этот мост в Августе и здесь было довольно прохладно! Поэтому, советуем вам обязательно захватить с собой куртку и закрытую обувь.


Pick Walk by Tissot The View
Pic Walk by Tissot – The View




How we discovered hiking paradise in Valais, Switzerland. Orsières. Issert. La Fouly. Champex-Lac.

As you know Wallis (or Valais) is our favorite canton in Switzerland (till now). At the moment nowhere else we saw so much history in one place. We traveled almost all Valais, but still, some places are for us undiscovered. This time we would like to invite you to travel to La Fouly with stops in Orsières, Issert and Champex lake.

Let’s go!


If you reading our blog, you know that we went few times to Martigny (Valais). So if you will drive up to the mountains from Martigny direction Sembrancher, you will be in Orsières in 20 minutes. The best time to visit this village is winter – to ski or summer – to hike. We went in summer. And it was beautiful.

The village is very cute. You can walk around and see some very old typical for Valais buildings. This place is very old. Is first mentioned in 972!! Also, this village located on the road over St Bernard Pass.  In middle ages, Orsières was a stage on Via Francigena. It was the major pilgrimage route to Rome from the north.



Is a small village next to Orsières. And normally people do not stop here. But they don’t know that this village has a real architecture treasure. We would never know about Issert and it’s old mill if we would not see information about it in tourist corner in Orsières. Here we go.

Hidden in green summer grass and cherry trees near 350 years old mill keeping the secrets of hydropower constructions in a renaissance. Mill was built in 1663 on two dissimilar rocks. It was a great experience to touch this old wooden construction and eat so tasty cherries around. Also, the house on the rock on the other side of the river was pretty interesting.


La Fouly

La Fouly was our last point before the French border. It is real hiking paradise and small ski area. So many destinations and hiking trails. Also here is a camping and some hotels. Here living just 82 people and this place is at the end of the Ferret Valley.  What we did not like – service in the pizzeria. We were pretty hungry and wanted to eat something. We were sitting and sitting and waiting for the waiter which saw us many times, but totally ignored. This made us very angry and we left after ca 15 min waiting. Then we somehow found a little shop at the end of the village and bought some bread and cheese. After a small picnic, we went for a little walk around and it was beautiful. We had no time for hiking, but for sure it would be worth the time.

La FoulyLa FoulyLa FoulyLa FoulyLa Fouly


To make it “done” on our travel list we went on the way back to Champex. It is one of the main attractions in Orsièrs region. Here you have a small lake which reminded us a bit the lake of Davos. We had a nice walk around the lake and then actually went home. It was sad that we had no chance to see The Artillery Fort because we were too late. Tell us if you have visited this Fort! More information about Champex-Lac entertainment you will find here


Moment of Peace or Lac de Chavonnes, Villars (VD)

If you are close to Villars in french speaking part of Switzerland, you should visit this quiet and beautiful lake. We reached this place with a car from Gstaad to Villars, then took a gondola on the way up and to the lake we walked around 1-1,5 h.

The way with a car from Gstaad through Le Diablerets to Villars was very spectacular. Warning! This road is open just in a summer season.


The way to the lake was not so hard, but it was quite hot already in June. So please, do not forget to take water with you!


And this interesting thing on the ground is a “cow stopper” 🙂 With this help farmers control their herds and make sure cows stay in the right place.


When you reach the lake first what you can see is a restaurant, where you can eat and drink. But we love to have a picnic in nature. So we went on the other side of the lake…And it was the beautiful way!


After we eat, Samuel swam in the lake :)! It was fun! Unfortunately, videos disappeared…

The way back was a bit harder, because it was a bit uphill. We decided to take a train down, directly from the mountain! It was a great experience!IMG_3140IMG_3147


On the way back to Gstaad we met cows!


And saw a beautiful art of nature…


Would you visit this place?! Write us a comment!

See you soon, guys!


Hiking up to the Geltenhütte. Great experience for the beginners!

There are not many words we can say about this trip. We will share with you the moments. Moments of beauty and peace. Enjoy.


This way takes your breath away. You are together with nature. With your beginnings. With your deep feelings. The way of positive energy takes you and you are really relaxed. All doubts are far away. You are in another world. You are enjoying your life…


The water makes a calming sound …


Mountains are so old and green…


Rocks remind us a Grand Canion


The view is stunning…



Edelweiss in wild…


And the mesmerising sunset…


And the night in a Geltenhütte. Read here !

photo of the lodge taken from