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Allmend Rockt! Or how we spend a night in a Gütsch hotel, Lucerne.

Last June we had a lot of fun on Allmend Rockt festival.  Difficult to write about events like this – you really have to feel it! We went especially for Rammstein because it is Yana’s favorite rock band since childhood. The weather was bad, it was raining all the time, but since Rammstein came on the scene – rain stopped! Incredible!

Samuel is a very romantic type of the men 🙂 He organized a perfect place to sleep. Little castle-hotel with a perfect view on all Lucern. We’ve been dreaming of visiting this place so long and yasss, that’s happened in this perfect moment.

Gütsch Hotel

We had a small but very cute room, with cute balcony and view on the city, part of the lake and mountains. Near the hotel you have an amazing park, birds there were singing like crazy! You have beautiful bar and restaurant. Everything in style of Belle Epoque. You are allowed to take food to from restaurant to the room. We were eating just in room 🙂

That was the best hotel we visited after Giessbach hotel on the lake of Brienz ( there we spend our first night as a husband and wife). Also, there are gossips that owner of  Gütsch is Russian, so we had double proud to sleep in this beauty.

Our advice – if you are in Lucerne, you MUST visit this hotel! Here is the link to paradise….

Allmend Rockt

After amazing dinner in our room, we went to the concert.First, you are waiting like 30 min to come inside, and then – rock atmosphere is 100% around you. People swimming in the dirt, screaming and dancing, of course, drunk 😆 The only thing, how did they get drunk if for one beer you had to wait around 20 min near the bar? 😅 And beer costs really a lot!  We were not drunk that evening, to be drunk you have to be very reach 😂

But we had fun! A lot! It was loads of people, so it was difficult to see artists, the sound was great. We were far from pogo dancers, so we had a chance to enjoy the life music without getting kicked and pushed.

Great experience and enjoying first-time life favorite band is priceless.  Slayer was too hard for us, Apocaliptyca wow, guys were amazing, and Rammstein, of course, perfect with all the hits and special effects…Ahhhhh


Geltenhütte or how we spend a night on 2002 m above the sea

Samuel was so excited to sleep in the high mountains that night. We love nature and for sure it was a great experience to sleep in Geltenhütte on 2002 m above the sea. The truth is that normally in a mountain lodges you have not so comfortable conditions. If you slept ones in a mountain lodge – you know what we speaking about. But this place made us love to do adventures like this !


image from

The way

Everyone without special health problems could reach this place in a few hours one way. With a fast tempo, you are there in two hours from Launensee parking. We made it in 3 hours with stops for photos and a little picnic. There is one more extremal way. This way we went back home. That was already quite scary in some moments. For sure for not experienced in hiking people like Yana 🙂 But the views from both ways are just picturesque…

The map is here

Way up:


Way down: (harder one)


The first impression

Very very friendly people working here. From the first moment, you feel so welcome. And you have no feeling like you are in a mountain lodge, but in a hotel with an incredible view. Big restaurant, modern design, toilets, showers, food and drinks and lots of books. We immediately took a big beer and went on terrasse to enjoy the life fully.


The room

We get the room with eight beds just for us two. What a luxury! Ok, we were not in a high season, so it was really just a few people sleeping in a lodge with 84 beds and 10 rooms. The room was not big but with the view of high mountains. Also a place for the clothes and backpacks. Nice!


When beer was finished, but the sun was still shining, we decided to use 1,5 hour before dinner, for the discovering area around the lodge. You have a round trip with the view on the glacier, but we were quite tired and we would not do it in a short time. So we went a bit away and were enjoying the view on the Alps. Around were wild Edelweiss flowers…Really romantic…



Dinner time

Ummm that was maybe the most uncomfortable situation 🙂 Six totally different people sitting close to each other at one from ca. twenty tables. We were of course late so we were placed in the middle. Left – woman around 60 and the men with 92!!! (yes, he came on his own up to the mountains!) Right – two of French-speaking men’s around 55. And we – before 30. We came and everyone stopped to speak. Then we greet the people and start to put the food on a plate. Everyone is still quiet. We did not know actually what to do or to say…Then french guys start to speak and the atmosphere became more friendly. At the end, we were all speaking in different languages and laughing  because of the American guy. He was one of the guests  and he went for a walk alone. From the window, we have seen him coming back. Not alone. A herd of goats was following him like one by one. And he tried to show them :” Go away, guys!”. But – in vain, they were following him almost until lodge. That was really funny…He came in and we laughed all together again.

The night

That was a thing what we actually were waiting for. The night. As you know – we love stars…And the sky in mountains is the clearest and darkest. So after 22:00 we were freezing outside and starring on the early September sky. So many stars…But honestly – we were thinking it will be more. Because of the villages which are not so far, you have still light pollution. So it was the great sky, but not “knock down” one.

P.s. feelings

This small trip made us very positive. We would say – washed from the daily dirt. Pure nature, friendly people, the weather, hospitality – everything made us have absolutely no stress. This what was 1000 m down did not touch us anymore. The feeling of famous “Now is now” was really strong. Maybe, this energy from the glacier and Launensee as well came into our bones – we don’t know. But the feeling about being blessed did not leave us until we were back in a car.

Great place. Thank you, life for the opportunity to spend a great night in the Gelten lodge.

Did you guys sleep once in the mountain lodge? Where and how it was?