Welcome to our world, where blue meets green and white! We are blessed to live in beautiful Switzerland. And we would love to share this beauty with you!

About us:


Yana was born in Russia, in Ivanovo city. It is a capital city of Ivanovskaya Oblast with 654 445 citizens and 300 km away from Moscow (Northeast). After school, with 17, she left Russia and went study to Poznan, Poland. This city is very close to Germany, 270 km away from Berlin. In Poznan, she got a bachelor degree in Management and Marketing in Tourism and Hotel Industry and master degree in Hotel Industry. Her biggest passions in life always were writing, traveling and horseback riding. So, she made a Riding Instructor degree and was working and traveling around Poland. In the end, this job brought her to Switzerland, in beautiful Gstaad. Here she met Samuel and all life changed…


Samuel was born in Switzerland, near St Gallen but most of the time he lived in Bern (capital city of Switzerland). After he finished his school he learned French in Lausanne. He loves to ski, bicycling, swimming and of course travel. He even tried to ride horses and he loves western style. After he finished his school he got a Naturopathic medicine practice diploma and became a massagist as well. At the moment he is working in Saanemöser, Spiez, and Bern as a massagist and planning to improve his therapy, to connect it with natural medicine together. He loves to help people. He used to work with old generation as well. Very kind men with a huge heart.

Now we are both living in Bern.