Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Yana Büchel and I’m living in Bern, Switzerland. I was born in Russia, studied Management and Marketing in Tourism and Hotel Industry in Poland and have a master degree. I speak Russian, Polish, English, and German and would love to speak French! After I met my husband Samuel, I moved to Switzerland and living here since 2012.

Life and style

I am a former equestrian and horses are my big love and inspiration. I spent more than half of my life working with this gorgeous animals. They gave me a lot of freedom and I traveled a lot with my job. I saw many places in Poland and they took me here, to Switzerland. I left the horse world for many reasons, but it’s time to move forward and take new challenges. Maybe, if one day I will be a successful blogger I will have my own horse! Now I am writing for a Russian magazine in Switzerland about art exhibitions and interviewing interesting and successful people. Working as a content manager part time and of course, blogging.

I could describe my style as casual, sporty, feminine and elegant. As I am a lot on the go you would probably never see me wearing high heels, tight mini skirts or tight dresses. But I love dresses! And I love skirts! For my sports, I always choose a professional sportswear. I’m 171 cm tall, wearing 36 (S) and sometimes 38 (M) clothing size and 38 shoes size.


I have two blogs about travel and style in Switzerland. One is Russian (www.myswisssecrets.com). And the second is English (www.yasabugeo.com). After a year of struggling with technical difficulties about having a multilingual blog, writing SEO and promoting blogs on Instagram, at the end I decided to have two different blogs for two different audiences with the same goal – sharing my travel stories, outfits and time to time my experience of living in this incredibly beautiful country.

All photos (authorship of which is not signed) are taken by my husband or myself. Please, let me know if you want to use one, or at least write the source on your website/blog/… .


I love painting, taking photos and videos with my Nikon D750 and iPhone 8+, modeling for my blog and my friends-photographers. My big passion is nature, travel, history, good books, and movies. I love visiting libraries and museums. And of course, I love shopping!


I hope you will have fun reading my blog, feel free to comment on my posts and don’t forget to subscribe! Please, don’t be mad about the mistakes I make, I am working on it and still, sometimes is a reason to smile. And I love when you smile, remember! In my post, I will be sharing links to products, clothes, and places. Some of them will help me to earn with blogging. Especially If you buy something from my affiliate links or visiting a website I share.

xoxo, YB.