Your opinion is very needed! Please, answer the question if you have time <3!

Hey guys! It’s Yana, the female part of our blog. How are you!? Thank you for staying subscribed even without activity from our site!

schynige platte

Schynige Platte. Botanical Alpine Garden.

Holy moly, last two years were busy. A lot of changed. We moved to another city, changed our jobs and now we are back to normal schedule.

There is a question to you guys! I know that our readers are mostly traveling lovers but also our friends: girls from Yana’s site and probably mostly boys from Sämi’s. What you think, if I will post from time to time some personal stories. Some outfits, books, favorite Swiss products and my point of a foreigner view about life in Switzerland? As Sämi is busy Monday-Friday, at the moment I have more time to travel alone around Switzerland, learn a lllot and of course, want to share it all with you! And my English really need some practice because I switched to German in daily life…Will you be mad if our blog will turn out from a typical travel blog to “travel and lifestyle” and gonna be a bit more feminine?

I will be super grateful for every comment under this post! Your opinion is very important!

Kisses, YB


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