The Nature park in Goldau


Since childhood I love animals. Why? Because they are real! They are not wearing masks, not lying, they are not false and not aggressive if you respecting them. Also, what is the best about animals, they have no jealousy and they love us people as we are.


One day my friend Anna called me and asked if I would like to go to the wildlife park Goldau (canton Zug). Anna with her family decided to visit this great place. I said “Yes” immediately. We had luck with the weather and enjoyed for many hours a walk in the winter sunshine. Little Kian enjoyed adventure same as we did. The park is really beautiful. It is not a regular zoo. It was built as wild nature- and animal- protection area. Yes, some animals are caged. But these are species of protected wild animals. Park Goldau coworking with scientists and investigators which are interested in saving wildlife nature. The area of the park is a refuge for trees, birds, little rodents, some species of the wild animals and of course wild goats and roes.


What I really loved is that roes and goats are walking free! They are tamed and everyone can pet them, take a picture and feed them as well! There are food automats in the park so visitors can buy a portion of food very easily. The food looks like pressed hay granules. Of course, most of the goats are already waiting for you near the food automat. They are always ready to get some food! Must say that some of them are really fat and bold. It was a lot of fun to get with the wild animals in contact!


After a coffee break, we continued our visit. Must say that in Goldau kids having a really good entertainment! When parents are enjoying their coffee kids could play in a toy corner inside the restaurant or on the outside playground.  On our way, we met some domestic animals. The funniest were donkeys. Especially one! He looked like out of cartoons with a grumpy face. Anyway, you can see that animals here are really happy. I stopped to watch the donkeys and at this moment came a huge pig and was so happy that I scratched her behind her ears. In Goldau you can see beautiful Sirian bears with big claws! Unfortunately, in Switzerland, the last wild bear was killed in 1904…


I highly recommend The Nature park in Goldau to all animal lovers! With kids or without them you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere around beautiful nature. In the park, architects built a huge wooden tower. From the top, you can look at the amazing surroundings and landscapes. There is beautiful view on the main mountain of the region – Rigi! In Goldau park kids and adults can learn a lot about wild nature of Alps. The main goal of this place is to save the wild nature. And I am supporting this beautiful and kind idea! People forgetting that they are also children of nature. A lot of humans having no respect for nature in our times…The Nature park in Goldau is a wonderful example that wild animals could live in peace with the humans. And humans can protect them.



Adress: Parkstrasse 40, 6410 Goldau

Opening hours: 9:00 – 18:00


Photos:, Yana Büchel



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