Head of Switzerland – Bundeshaus.

There is one very important day in Switzerland – 1st of August. All country celebrating National Day. By day there are many attractions for folk and tourists and by night all Switzerland is full of colorful fireworks.

One of the main attractions in Bern-city this day is a possibility to visit Bundeshaus (Building of Swiss Parliament) for free! You have to be ready to stay in a long line – many people want things for free in Switzerland ūüôā And is one of two possibilities to take photos inside.


About Bundeshaus

It was built at the beginning of XX century, 1894 – 1902 year by architect Hans Auer. Swiss Parliament House is 64 m high, and the highest part inside of the building is 33 meters. There, on the sailing, is one very important mosaic – Swiss cross, all 22 cantons (1904) and phrase in Latin “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno”.¬†Interesting, and remind three Musketeers: “All for one, one for all”. Under mosaic, you can see a statue of three Switzerland grounders.

Unfortunately, we have just this photo without the main points…


Inside the building, you have two most important chambers: National Council and Council of States.

National Council Chamber:

National Council Chamber

Council of States Chamber:


Politic basics in Switzerland

Switzerland is proud to be a democratic country. Everything that parliament decides based on the voting. Actually¬†folk decides¬†what is going on in their country. ¬†In Switzerland is not just one president – they have 7 presidents. Just one person chosen¬†by another 6 to be ala President at the meetings, where all 7 are not able to be at the same time. Anyway, even this One President representing all seven in one piece. It never happens that just one person makes a decision in Switzerland’s politic.

conference chamber

There are 26 cantons and each canton representing two persons. Except for Appenzell Innerhoden, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land, Nidwalden, and Obwalden Рfrom all this half-cantons going just one person. After, all these councils meet each other in the Council of States Chamber.

There are 12 parties in National Council Chamber at this moment, but in all Switzerland is much more. They have a different number of chairs for every party. The most popular party in folk get the most numbers of chairs. At this moment is SVP, they have 65 chairs from 200. It is nearly 30%. SVP is a folk party, they are helping Swiss inhabitants to have a better life and better conditions to have a business, also a small one. In Switzerland, they also call SVP as a “farmer party”. Maybe, from one side they are right, because in Switzerland still, farmers are a big part of inhabitants and mostly they choose SVP. And they have really good conditions to do their job and big support from the government as well.

Other parties are:

SP –¬†Social Democratic Party of Switzerland. They support classical democracy and pacifism. “Woman friendly”(Wikipedia). 43 chairs in¬†National Council Chamber.

FDP РThe liberals. It is the joint-largest party in the Federal Council, the third-largest party in the National Council, and the largest in the Council of States(Wikipedia). 33 chairs in National Council Chamber.

CVP –¬†Christian Democratic People’s Party of Switzerland.¬†They stand for¬†Christian democracy, the social market economy, and moderate social conservatism. The party is strongest in Catholic rural areas, particularly Central Switzerland and Valais. 27 chairs¬†in¬†National Council Chamber.

Opposition parties:

Greens –¬†The Greens support measures to increase energy efficiency, oppose nuclear power, and support raising energy and fuel prices. According to their policy, the resulting revenues should be allocated to social security spending(Wikipedia). 11 chairs in¬†National Council Chamber.

BDP –¬†The Conservative Democratic Party of Switzerland.¬†The BDP supports bilateral accords with the European Union, and it opposes the tightening of Switzerland’s asylum.¬†It opposes additional benefits to health insurance, although it doesn’t necessarily support limiting them.¬†The BDP supports the raising of the retirement age, opposes any relaxation to requirements to receive social welfare,¬†and supports same-sex marriage (Wikipedia). They have 7 chairs in¬†National Council Chamber.

GLP –¬†The Green Liberal Party of Switzerland.¬†They seek to combine liberalism on civil liberties and moderate economic liberalism with environmental sustainability (Wikipedia). 7 chairs in¬†National Council Chamber.

EVP –¬†The Evangelical People’s Party of Switzerland.¬†The EVP is conservative on euthanasia, abortion, registered partnerships and other typically Christian issues, centrist on economic issues and stands rather center-left on issues of wealth redistribution, education, environmentalism and immigration(Wikipedia). 2 chairs in¬†National Council Chamber.

LdT –¬†The Ticino League.¬†Isolationist, the national conservative political party in Switzerland active in the canton of Ticino.¬†In the Federal Assembly, the League sits with the Swiss People’s Party, and commentators see it as the Swiss-Italian equivalent of the SVP.¬† A more notable political position of the League is its support for banning the Burqa, which it achieved in 2015.¬†It is also strongly eurosceptic, supporting Swiss sovereignty and reduced immigration(Wikipedia). They have 2 chairs in the National Council Chamber.

MCG –¬†The Geneva Citizens’ Movement.¬†The MCG takes eurosceptic or nationalist positions, such as supporting the preeminence of Swiss law before international law, opposing the bilateral accords with the European Union, and supporting reducing immigration (Wikipedia). 1 chair in¬†National Council Chamber.

PdA –¬†The Swiss Party of Labour. Is a communist party in Switzerland. 1 chair in¬†National Council Chamber.

CSP OW –¬†Christian Social Party Obwalden. 1 chair in National Council Chamber.



Voting in Switzerland is organized very often in many questions. Inhabitants get voting blank by post where they have to answer “yes” or “no” in different situations. It is not just who is next going to be Council. Also about daily life decisions like to build a new parking place in Centrum or not? Or to destroy old houses and build a new? And and and…

Everyone can be engaged politically. Many young people are also politically active and trying to fight for their ideas. There are many young people which are trying to save our planet like the Young Green Party. Young people fight against atomic energy and conflicts between people, also against racism and fascism.

And at the end of this post, we would like to say that all in all Switzerland is a great country to be. It is safe, clean, kind and friendly. Here are handsome conditions to travel and incredibly organized railway (which actually belong to Swiss government!) – SBB. Yes, it is expensive, but you have great roads, security, well organized public transport, and clean pure nature…

What do you think about the political system in Switzerland? Write your thoughts in a comment!


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