How we discovered hiking paradise in Valais, Switzerland. Orsières. Issert. La Fouly. Champex-Lac.

As you know Wallis (or Valais) is our favorite canton in Switzerland (till now). At the moment nowhere else we saw so much history in one place. We traveled almost all Valais, but still, some places are for us undiscovered. This time we would like to invite you to travel to La Fouly with stops in Orsières, Issert and Champex lake.

Let’s go!


If you reading our blog, you know that we went few times to Martigny (Valais). So if you will drive up to the mountains from Martigny direction Sembrancher, you will be in Orsières in 20 minutes. The best time to visit this village is winter – to ski or summer – to hike. We went in summer. And it was beautiful.

The village is very cute. You can walk around and see some very old typical for Valais buildings. This place is very old. Is first mentioned in 972!! Also, this village located on the road over St Bernard Pass.  In middle ages, Orsières was a stage on Via Francigena. It was the major pilgrimage route to Rome from the north.



Is a small village next to Orsières. And normally people do not stop here. But they don’t know that this village has a real architecture treasure. We would never know about Issert and it’s old mill if we would not see information about it in tourist corner in Orsières. Here we go.

Hidden in green summer grass and cherry trees near 350 years old mill keeping the secrets of hydropower constructions in a renaissance. Mill was built in 1663 on two dissimilar rocks. It was a great experience to touch this old wooden construction and eat so tasty cherries around. Also, the house on the rock on the other side of the river was pretty interesting.


La Fouly

La Fouly was our last point before the French border. It is real hiking paradise and small ski area. So many destinations and hiking trails. Also here is a camping and some hotels. Here living just 82 people and this place is at the end of the Ferret Valley.  What we did not like – service in the pizzeria. We were pretty hungry and wanted to eat something. We were sitting and sitting and waiting for the waiter which saw us many times, but totally ignored. This made us very angry and we left after ca 15 min waiting. Then we somehow found a little shop at the end of the village and bought some bread and cheese. After a small picnic, we went for a little walk around and it was beautiful. We had no time for hiking, but for sure it would be worth the time.

La FoulyLa FoulyLa FoulyLa FoulyLa Fouly


To make it “done” on our travel list we went on the way back to Champex. It is one of the main attractions in Orsièrs region. Here you have a small lake which reminded us a bit the lake of Davos. We had a nice walk around the lake and then actually went home. It was sad that we had no chance to see The Artillery Fort because we were too late. Tell us if you have visited this Fort! More information about Champex-Lac entertainment you will find here


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