Travel with Golden Pass Panoramic Train. Gstaad – Monteux – Lausanne

Golden Pass Panoramic Train is one of the famous touristic attractions in central Switzerland. With this comfortability and luxury thousands of people discovering Switzerland each year. Imagine, that you are sitting in a train and enjoying stunning panoramas from huge windows…Sometimes Swiss landscapes look just unreal, like in a dream…

More information about booking and directions you can find on official website here

So, we took this incredible train from Gstaad to Montreux and felt really good in the restaurant wagon.


We know many people which love Montreux. We have not so huge love for this place but still we were here more than ones. This is beautiful, of course, but for us is a bit boring. Yes, you have very beautiful promenade and handsome view on Geneva Lake. You have some shops and a lot of hotels, and of course main attraction for us – Chillon Castle. But still, something is missing. Maybe because in Montreux is no old town…Or not so much history behind this place. But then we are also wrong because this place was one of the favorite places of Freddy Mercury. “Queen” even owned a music studio where they recorded few albums: Jazz, Hot Space, A King of Magic, The Miracle, Innuendo, Made in Heaven…Some other famous stars recorded their music here as well: AC/DC, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Rolling Stones and others. Anyway, you should visit this place by your own and write us how did you personally felt here.

Then we took another, regular train to Lausanne…


Lausanne is big and very international. It is nice place to visit! This is the city of students, tourists and urban lifestyle. Comparing to Geneva is more easy and relaxed. Geneva is a business center of French Switzerland full of luxury and rich citizens. Same as Zürich in German Swiss. And Lausanne is more like Bern. Old, cute and chilled.

The city is beautiful. A lot of museums, cultural stuff, churches, lake and many other attractions . We had no time to see it all. What made us be surprised is that in the center of Lausanne smelled like pee (it was hot summer). Citizens must be very sporty because Lausanne is built on hills. You have to go a lot uphill and downhill. To drive bicycle here is impossible 🙂

So, we quickly found a viewpoint (mostly like everywhere is the main cathedral), made some pictures and went to search for a beach. We found one nice grass beach with the pool. We also could swim in the lake. Water was pretty warm!

At the moment is everything. Thank you for reading and see you soon :***

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