Moment of Peace or Lac de Chavonnes, Villars (VD)

If you are close to Villars in french speaking part of Switzerland, you should visit this quiet and beautiful lake. We reached this place with a car from Gstaad to Villars, then took a gondola on the way up and to the lake we walked around 1-1,5 h.

The way with a car from Gstaad through Le Diablerets to Villars was very spectacular. Warning! This road is open just in a summer season.


The way to the lake was not so hard, but it was quite hot already in June. So please, do not forget to take water with you!


And this interesting thing on the ground is a “cow stopper” 🙂 With this help farmers control their herds and make sure cows stay in the right place.


When you reach the lake first what you can see is a restaurant, where you can eat and drink. But we love to have a picnic in nature. So we went on the other side of the lake…And it was the beautiful way!


After we eat, Samuel swam in the lake :)! It was fun! Unfortunately, videos disappeared…

The way back was a bit harder, because it was a bit uphill. We decided to take a train down, directly from the mountain! It was a great experience!IMG_3140IMG_3147


On the way back to Gstaad we met cows!


And saw a beautiful art of nature…


Would you visit this place?! Write us a comment!

See you soon, guys!


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