Top 3 things to do in Martigny, Valais.

Hello, friends! Long time we did not see us, now we are back! Let us tell you about one of our favorite spots in Switzerland – Martigny. We visited this town many times and now we would love to share with you Top 3 thing to do at this great place.

Small touch of history

Martigny is a small town in French Part of a canton Valais. But Martigny is a  very good place to spend a day, maybe two or even your holidays. It is a touristic-friendly area, but they don’t like to speak English…Also in Museums sometimes is a problem with information.

Because of its geographical position already ancient people were trying to control Martigny. History of this place is counted with over 2000 years. Celtic, Ancient Rome, Medieval, Napoleon, and Modern times – everything in one place.

Ancient Rome 

Ancient Rome Times remind us an Amphitheater. This historical spot was built in 47 year! It has space for 5000 people! Used for gladiator games. In our times – for concerts and special events. This place you can visit for free 24/7/365.

Museum of St.Bernard

100 meters away from “Colosseo” you are at the very special museum – museum of legendar dogs breed. Saint Bernards. These dogs were angels of dangerous mountain passes. They saved life of many people! Those, who could not walk, or were freezing in the night under the snow and wind, were saved by this incredible dogs. Now St.Bernards are used as a therapy dogs for handicap and old people. Don’t be surprised to see them a bit depressed inside of the cages. We felt a bit sorry for them…

You can visit museum from 10:00 – 18:00


Adults: CHF 12.-

Senior citizens (from 60 years old): CHF 10.-

Children over the age of 8 / students (up to the age of 24): CHF 7.-

Families (parents + children/over the age of 8): CHF 25.-

And of course…Castle!

La Batiaz – what a beautiful name! This is a tower which is placed on the top of the rock. Was built in 1260 year! We were never inside, but as we know there are a lot of medieval and art events, also somehow you can eat inside the castle in Taverne for 80 chf. But even if you are not going inside the castle, you can enjoy a beautiful view of mountains, Valais valley and Martigny itself.

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