Ollon and Villars

Hello, everyone!

This post is about our trip to Villars (Valais, Switzerland) through Ollon. Year ago we started to discover Valais. We love this canton! One day we will write a post just about this canton. At the moment we will show you just little part of it.

This two spots are in French speaking part of the canton. We travel from Gstaad and it takes a bit more than 1 h to be on another side of  mountains which we have at home.


Ollon is perfect place for romantic walk. In Valais in February is already warm and sunny. Imagine, you are in a village which exists from 1018 year! You can find church and old houses. Some of them are very colorful! Great and positive place!


This ski resort is quite famous. And like all resorts of Valais – very special. For example trains are driving in normal street traffic 😁

Actually if you are not on slopes, village is quite boring. But we found very cool cafeteria with very tasty sugar cake “Baiser”😍

And we found great shop in chalet style, where Yana found new friends 🙂

At the end we found a great view, made some photos and went back home 🙂

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