St. Maurice. It’s not St. Moritz

Hello, guys!

Today we will share with you our rememberings from Valais trip to St. Maurice. Yes, the name is very similar to St. Moritz, but it’s totally another place. St. Maurice is in canton Valais, from the side of Geneva lake. It is like one of the first towns when you come from canton Vaud to Valais.

We went there because we have it on our map and because there is a castle! We were so excited about to visit this castle! But…we were a bit disappointed, because:

  1. The Castle was closed in February…
  2. This castle has a connection with The Second World War. What we are not so interested in. ( When the castle is open, you can visit an art exhibition inside.)
  3. Was cold………..

So, after our hike around the castle, we went to the village. We saw the tower, which looked like from medieval times. We went inside and then magic happened…First at all the door opened itself! We were very surprised. Then, inside we saw that you can have a journey around the church. We bought a ticket and we got what we wanted. We came into the medieval world. Museum was rich in expositions from gold and hallows. Then the way brought us to ruins like 1000 old church. Was really interesting and interactive!

From pictures what we have from this place is just one selfie 😀 So, sorry, guys…Everything another was on Snapchat…

Our advice – St. Maurice is a place to visit! No questions! Also in this town, you have very famous international college!


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