Every country has the same problem…

Every country has the same problem…disrespectful people…

This picture is done very close to one of the most expensive and exclusive resorts in Switzerland – Gstaad. Just right close to the main road, place where you can stop the car. Sad, no?

In all around the world exist tipe of people which don’t care. Don’t care at all.  Even not about other people, but about Mother Nature. The planet which feed them and give a home, give a life, give a happiness and protection.

We do believe that humans are a virus of our planet. We take everything what we can – beautiful, clear and kind places, animals, water, air, oil and gas, we pollute even cosmos! And we have absolutely no respect to our own creator – nature, like we would have no respect at all to our mother. How it’s possible….??

This topic could be thousands words long. We just like to send a short message to all around the world : “Guys, please! Keep care about our planet! Everyone loves to travel, and Earth kindly showing us all the beauty. So give a respect to her. Give her a hand to stay healthy and happy!”

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