Our Jungfraujoch experience. Or how it is to come on the top of the mountain with the train!


This gonna be a special post. Because feelings about this trip are a bit different. From excitement to a little disappointment.

Anyway, this is a trip which we will never forget. This is so grandiose and exclusive, so adventurous and beautiful, so scary and positive in the same time. We must say if you are in central Switzerland and you have one day for travel, 100 CHF for the ticket and a full battery on your smartphone or camera – you should do it!

Even just for a reason to get your Swiss Pass 😀

What’s that??

Jungfraujoch is the highest train station in Europe. It’s on 3,466 m high! Jungfrau is a famous mountain in the Bernese Alps, canton Bern. Jungfrau is a big touristic region and attraction with family friendly atmosphere.

Let’s go!

Let’s start from this point – you are not alone who want to travel to the “Top of Europe”. Be ready to be around lots of tourists from Japan, China, Arabian countries, India, Russia, Australia, Canada, USA, England, Belgium, Germany and of course Switzerland. So, if you speak English, you can easy communicate with everybody around. You can ask people questions with no fear, they love to help! We love when it’s international!


We started our journey from the train station Interlaken Ost. Also here we bought tickets. Then journey began. We changed train just once, in Grindelwald.


We traveled on the top of Jungfrau in December. It was a special feeling when from the window of the train you see mountain skiers on ski track very close to railway! 🙂  Or to see how driver steering the train. It looks like a roller coaster!

On the top

So…Here comes to some disappointment. It is not bad, but we expected to see something more grandiose. First, at all, you come to the building. This is like a kinder garden for everybody. You have interactive chocolate fabric, standard on glaciers – tunnel in ice. And OF COURSE – you can buy a watch in highest in Europe watch shop. Ok! 🙂

Then you are coming out of the building and you understand why so many attractions are inside. The view is….ok. But really like…ok. Nothing so very special. From one side Interlaken and Unterseen from Jungfrau, from another side are  mountains and part of the glacier. And biggest glacier in Alps in front of you!

Aletsch glacier from Aletsch Arena in canton Wallis, summer. 👇

Back to the Jungfrau side – you have small area to stand and watch on glacier. Selfie ofc! Then you realize – you are standing so close to huge power of nature. So close to you is a danger. Deep cracks in ice can easy take your life away. So, please, be careful!


Its lot of food on the “Top of Europe”! Asian and Swiss kitchen. Not so expensive, like 20 CHF for a big portion of food (we share it on 2) and like 5 CHF for a drink.

The way back

Everybody sleeping 🙂 Fresh alpine air and atmosphere tension makes people quite tired at the end of the day…

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