Bernese Minster – must see place in capital city of Switzerland

Today we will visit the capital city of Switzerland – Bern. Bern has his own special spirit. By day is a very cute city with an incredible old town. By night it shows a bit darker side – night clubs, young people which are trying to be like young people from Berlin – urban style, drinking and clubbing, clubbing, clubbing. Personally, our female part of this blog doesn’t like to be in Bern by night. But by day – yes, yes and yes again!

From lots of interesting things to do in this beautiful city, we choose the highlight. We are going to visit huge Swiss Reformed Cathedral in a centrum of the old city of Bern. The highest Cathedral in Switzerland ( bell tower is 100,6 m high)!   Its construction started in 1421. Cathedral is in Gothic style. UNESCO heritage object.


Everyone is welcome to visit this incredible religious building. You can come inside through amazing and rich entrance. As soon you are inside, very calm and holy atmosphere envelops you…You feel like you are in medieval times.


This is just a beginning of an adventure! You can go up to tower just for 5 CHF for an adult! But! Be ready to overcome 312 steps, before you will see stunning Bern City and the Bernese Alps panorama…


Here we go…:




You can visit tower every day!

Open hours during the week:

  • Monday – Friday 12:00 – 15-30* in winter and 12:00 – 16:30 in summer
  • Saturday 10:00 – 16:30* in winter and summer
  • Sunday 11:30-15:30* in winter and 11:30-16:30* in summer

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