How to surprise your guest in Switzerland? Thun !

We love visitors and always have time to show surroundings and cool spots. This time mother of Yana came to visit us when we were based in Thun, Canton Bern.

Thun is magical place and very beautiful! Here you have mountains and lake with incredible color…Thun is close to capital city of Switzerland- Bern.

Here we go – some great attractions to show your guest in a week.

Thun and hidden places.

Our number one is the 1000 years old church in Thun. This is very cute place on the lake. Hidden from the lots of people this peaceful place make your heart warm. And this is not the end. Here in front of the church you can find a huge Mammut tree. Really “wow” super old tree…

We can not forget about the lake…Here, on the Schadau side you have a great spot to see stunning panorama of Berner Alps and the lake. You can visit a castle museum of Gastronomy (we didn’t) , take a hot chocolate and piece of cake. Great place – Schadau Park!

How do you like it? And what’s about ships? You can take a tour around the lake of Thun or go to Interlaken instead of train.

Thun is a great place! We spend in this city 3 years and for sure it was a great and quiet times. In Thun living more old people which are relaxing on the lake and in the old city. For young and motivated people like we it was a bit boring. But life made us stay here so we used this time for our education and sport. It was great times! Thank you ,Thun!

You have been in Thun? What’s you favorite spot?

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