Saanen museum. Or how we got an answer on the main question.

Saanen museum is cute. Really cute. From outside you will not realize that in this chalet, on the main Promenade is a museum of Saanenland. Actually, we were really many times in Saanen and never thought even to search for a museum. But somehow we got an information about this place, and we decided to check it!

Entrance is 8 CHF for an adult.



Let’s go!

History starts from the early times. First, you can see the original floor built hundreds of years ago…


That was interesting, but one thing made us be confused. You have the numbers of the exhibit but no information about the objects. We had to ask a receptionist to give us something to read about what we see. We got some prospects. Thank you 🙂



Lord Menuhin is the men which made from Saanen this what it is now. Popular, cultural, art and music place. Yehudi Menuhin is from New York. He was born in a Russian-Jewish family in 1914. Humanist, the violinist, he has grounded a musician academy. We are not so musicians, so, guys if you are passionate about music, we ask you gently to click here for his biography.

How did they live?

Interiors of the “before industry” era. Wood, low ceilings, dark. But one thing made us really smile – bed-transformer!


School class was also nice to visit.


And the story of the alpine life. The history of the ski sport. Fashion. Very cool!


Answer on the question!


This question was annoying us a long time. And the best, that even old swiss people did not answer us anything concrete. The thing is – why most of the cows have this heavy and loud bells on the necks? Ok, for the show is maybe not bad, but even when they peacefully eating grass on the bordered paddocks they still wearing it.  For us, it was always like it is not so animal-friendly. So, finally, we could ask the real farmer woman about this huge part of the Swiss tradition.

Why cows have this loud bells?? All the time. Even on paddocks and in our times?

She answered: ” Cows are really enjoying music. Farmers realized, that when a cow is listening to music it gives more milk. Every herd has a special sound. Every farmer has his own sound. Like this in the high mountains is easy to find lost cows. And control them as well. If you will listen to the grazing herd of cows, you can even hear a melody. That’s the farmer proud. Normally, when cows are going down from the alps to the farms in villages, at the beginning walking the main, alfa cow with the biggest bell in the herd. Of course, they are enough old to carry a huge bell on the neck. And they wear it just for the special occasions. Normally they also have smaller bells in daily life. ”

Finely! Someone really explained why and for what! And the cowbells are really farmer families relics. Especially the huge ones.



What do you think about the cowbells? Don’t you think is still a bit annoying for an animal to have none stop something loud close to the ears? We are thinking if we are the cows with bells, we would go crazy…

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