Adventure St Moritz

It was not our first time we have visited canton Graubuenden. But this time, it was a quite adventure. We will not share all the details , we had some private meetings. More we gonna share with you the feelings about being two days in St Moritz region.


Engadin – region of canton Graubuenden, Switzerland. St Moritz is based on 1800 m above the sea level. This is quite high, no? The weather here is really special. Yes, it was sunny. Beginning of October, but the temperature already -7° in the night and +4° or +7°. Everything is ok, but in the afternoon comes the wind. So in the morning is still and quiet and in the afternoon it goes through your WINTER jacket directly to the bones. That was a bit annoying…



Engadin is a big valley. In big mountains. If you expect to see green mountains and high rocks, you will see more high rocks. Mountains are really huge. And high. And wild. And naked. But they have beautiful colors…We would say these mountains are not joking. If in winter comes the snow, then it comes 3 meters of snow. And all in all in here winter is around 6 months! Very cold. But for the ski lovers I have a good news – winter season starts already in second part of October!

There are also lakes : Sils, Silvaplana and St Moritz. They look  really well-kept and cold. Many people are walking around and in winter on the lake St Moritz you can enjoy polo cup or horse races. Wow! It must be really cold that horses can run on the surface of the lake.

From all the attractions we choose the Piz Corvatsch. We came up with a huge cable train. Was coldy 🙂 But the war soup and stunning view made ours day.



That was really special to see so many horses.  And it was really a lot of horses! But what is very interesting, we did not see the riding places. They all are just for outside riding? Even in St Moritz, you have no riding hall. So these horses are eating grass on paddocks and …? We asked if there is a riding hall and they answered that something small exists ,in a western style. Ok.

There are also cows. We like cows from Graubuenden They have so nice colors! And no horns! Some of them are beautiful gray, some like tigers!

All in all

What was very interesting , is that so high in the mountains is so much industry. Huge railways with many freight trains. Roads are nearly a highways. Really traffic. You have buses.You have a small airport. Really – “Wow”.

The hotel we slept had a nice Italian service and nice room standard. For the price we paid was really good.

Thank you, Engadin. We are looking forward to come here ones in Winter!


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