Our first observatory adventure

Header photo is from original website

Stars were always the part of our way together. We remember our first dates in snowy winter in Gstaad, the place where we met each other. Clear mountain sky, falling stars and three jackets to be not frozen…These romantic moments full of mystery…And then summer…Lying on the grass and watching to the never ending universe. Speaking about life and asking the question : “What do you think? Are we alone in this space?”. This question is still open for all the humanity.

Yana is an Ancient Aliens big fan. And Samuel is a romantic supporter. On videos about aliens, he answers : “Ok, but it still shows me nothing concrete “. But he always makes a wish ,when the falling star comes out.  We both love the sky and our next experience opened our horizons about the incredible things we can see with help of a telescope.

We did not see any alien spaceship, but the stars and another galaxy. We came at 22:30 at the beginning of September. So the sky was dark enough and the moon was hidden at the other side of the earth. It was quite a big group of people in different ages. All in all, it was around 20 people “stars hunters”. We paid 14 CHF for each. And we found the program of the open doors day on

A Very kind man was telling in a Swiss German about the basic knowledge of astronomy. Samuel understood for sure more with being a native speaker. So, Yana, a foreigner in Swiss had to ask him some questions during the session. All in all was funny, a bit tightly and not so much time to watch at the objects attentively. But, we spend an incredible evening with watching the stars closer! And we will do it again!

What have we seen ?


Because the telescope is not that big, you could see just very bright contours of the planet with the ring. It was still far far away. Anyway, Saturn – done!

photo* –



A cloud, or a horseshoe contour with a light blue color. “Wow” effect. Looked really like something “spacey”.

photo* –


Binary star

You can see this so clearly, how two stars depend on of each other. They stay close because of the gravitation. It looked like two suns are turning around each other. Great view!

photo* –



Andromeda galaxy

Hmmm this was not so spectacular. More like a cloud in the dark sky far far far away. After photos on the Internet, you expecting to see many colors and something huge. But in real it looks quite small.

photo* –


Globular cluster

That was a nice view of many the little stars collected together. Look like a frozen in the sky salute.

photo* –


That’s it!

What about you? Do you like space? Do you interested in the stars and maybe aliens?  Tell us your story about space adventures! We would love to read it ! Maybe you know somewhere a place where the stars are stunning?

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