Goldswil church ruins

On the way back from Brienz to Interlaken we saw the sign – ruins. Of course, we decided to stop the car and quickly take a look what for the castle it is. But it was no castle. In front of us was standing the tower and we realised – this is the church.


The entrance was quite special. Everything was fenced and tadaaa – Toi Toi toilet was also there. We looked at each other and our faces were not so excited. Then the mark on the fence was telling in High German language that entrance is dangerous and you continue your trip with the life danger. Of course, the female part of our couple was already not sure to go over the border, but the men’s part said: “Common Yana – no risk no fun!”. “Okeeeey….”


And it was nothing to worry about. Stunning view from the ruins and actually the ruins made us forget about the danger. We were really enjoying.

Some facts.

  • The church was built in 11 century and the name of the place is – St. Peters church.
  • Entrance is free!
  • Parking is very close, so you have to walk up the rock around 10 min – no problem.
  • The view on Interlaken and piece of Lake of Brienz is stunning
  • Energy around place is positive, and even cemetery is not scary at all
  • You don’t have to be religious or pilgrim to visit this church. This is perfect view point!
  • In 2017 they promise to finish the renovation, so Toi Toi and “Life danger” card will disappear ( we hope so 🙂 )

Have you been in Interlaken? Did you see this place ? Write a comment if you found this post interesting or maybe boring! Maybe you have some suggestions ?

Thanx for reading! See you next week!

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