Top 5 things to do in Meiringen

The very first time we crossed this village with the car on our trip to Ticino. Then we took the Susten pass to get from German-speaking part of Switzerland to the Italian one. We even did not stop in Meiringen, because from the car it was looked like there is nothing to do in here.

Already then  Samuel told me that this village is somehow connected to Sherlock Holmes. I am not a big fan of detectives, so for me, it was not so attractive to go deeper to the topic. Samuel as well was not so interested in to discover more. So we just drove through and were more excited to see the lake of Brienz (which is very close).

And we were wrong! There are so many incredible things to see! Here are our top 5 :

1. Aare Gorge

This was very emotional to see the huge force of nature!

Already more than 125 years this place is one of the main touristic attractions in Berner Oberland. One of the main and actually the longest river in Switzerland  – 295 km. Begins on the Aarglacier and flows into the huge river Rhine. The capital city of Switzerland – Bern is built on the coasts of Aare.

And then you see how the ice cold water polish the rocks thousands and thousands of years. In this place, you feel so special…How wild and strong the Aare is and how talented artist is this river.

Opening hours: click here

Prices: click here

Sorry for the quality of the photo, scanned from printed archives. For more information google this place!


2. St. Michaels Church

This cute place is a national importance. If you love history same as we do – this is a “must see” place. Underground you can see an old ruined church from 13 century. And in the main hall, you can find a peace with praying or be staring at many historical marks and arts. More about this place we wrote in this post .

3.  Resti castle ruins

We love castles! And in Meiringen we found one. This is a famous knight Resti castle ruins. If you know not so much about the history of Switzerland, then imagine – it was controlling base of the main in Middle Times business and political ways. These ways were mountain passes. Meiringen is the point where 5 important passes begin: Grimsel, Joch Pass, Grosse Scheidegg, Susten and Brünig Pass. So, Resti was the one who kept care about surrounding. More about this place you can read here.


4. Haslimuseum

The cutest museum we were seen ever. So many interesting things in one place. You don’t have to stay here all day long to see everything. For us was enough to spend inside like 1 h. History of Haslital, animals, crystals, working and climbing instruments, art and many other things to see. More information here.


5.Hiking to the Trift Glacier.

Just 15 minutes with the car away from Meiringen and you are on the Skilift station in Gadmen. Here you start your journey to the high mountains. This is a hiking heaven…For the beginners and families is a perfect place as well. You walk around 2 hours and you come to the glacier viewpoint.

Here is also a hanging bridge…The longest hanging bridge in Swiss Alps. It is like 170 meters (560 ft) long at a height of 100 meters (330 ft). When we were walking on this bridge Samuel was laughing how my ( Yana’s) heart almost jumped out because of the fear. This is quite a scary place, especially when it start to move when someone else is walking through. For sure this bridge is not for human beings with acrophobia 😅. Anyway, Trift is the place to see and to be once if you are in Meiringen area.

Tickets both ways will cost you:

Adults: 24 CHF

Kids: 10 CHF

Sorry for the quality of the photo, scanned from printed archives. For more information google this place!



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