Cute museum of Haslital


If you stay in the Meiringen village, you should visit this cute place. Doors are open absolutely for free for everyone in the summer season from June 1 – October 16! But the museum is open just from 15:00 – 18:00.


How it was?

The very friendly receptionist greeted us and answered our questions in English or German. Personally, he made us feel so welcome! We bought a book for 30 CHF at the end. This is the way how you can say “Thank you” for all the team, which made this place so cozy and informative.


What can I learn in this place?

You can see the culture and history of the people which live in mountains. What they did. And how they lived the daily life. History of the valley which was so important in medieval times and stays important till our days. History of climbing. History of traveling through the high mountain passes. And many other surprises.

Any “Wow’s”?

Oh yeah! We actually have seen a lot of museums and stuff, but this place really made us say sometimes “Wooow”. For the crystals, animals, for the boots, for the equipment, art. Wow, how people handled so dangerous lifestyle with such a funny things for our days.




Have you been in this place? What did you like the most? You have not been there? Would you visit this place if one day you are in Meiringen, Switzerland?

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