The knight’s castle in Meiringen.

Up on the rock, many hundreds years ago, knight Resti built a castle. The great building still standing on it’s place and inviting a visitors. Totally for free you can enjoy an incredible view on Haslital from the tower. Remember – this is a High Heels Free zone!


Italian workers “Comaccini” started to built the castle in 1250 year. As history says just after 50 years the building was finished. It was the living and “working” place from very famous in Haslital family of Resti. The first knight who used to live in this castle was Peter von Resti. Also the Resti family were a vassals from powerful in this times Habsburgs dynasty. They personally knew the king Leopold I from Austria and the most powerful families from Berner Oberland,  Berner Mittelland and canton Valais. The main reason why the castle was built is the control and protect of the biggest till our days passes over Alps : Grimsel, Joch Pass, Grosse Scheidegg, Susten and Brünig Pass.


How to get there?

We are traveling mostly with the car. So, from the closest parking is just 10 min of walk.


It was a great experience to see ruins of the castle of Resti. The most what we liked – it’s quiet place. Not much people, around you can eat a picnic , spend some nice moments staring at the view of the village and mountains. You can take a walk in the forest and find another view point. The castle from inside makes you feel like :”How the *** they could live here?”. It is square place and pretty high. How it should be cold in winter on the wind! And how the nature spared the building to be not destroyed till our days.  You can play with imagination and get inspired with interactive informations inside of the building – how the life of Restis looked like.


Who should and should not see this place?

For sure all the castles lovers and history junkies should see this place during the stay around Meiringen. People who are interested about view points should also try to go the stairs up to the top of the tower. It’s very romantic up there!

I would say that ladies with skirts and high heels better stay around the castle then inside. Because of the lattice stairs. It’s also quite high in there , so better be sure that if you look down once you have no problem with your fears!


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