St.Michael’s church in Meiringen

In the early Middle Ages in Meiringen was founded the St. Michael church. The building still can make you feel the touch of long history of this place. Medieval religious ornament decorates the walls of this peaceful place. You still can see how the hand of an artist painted hundreds and hundreds years ago the scenes of bible stories.

First written words about this place are coming from the year 1231 ! It’s mean 60 years before the Swiss Confederation was created. Till 1722 it was the only parish church in Haslital ( the region around Meiringen).


Church had great conditions in the Middle Ages. Fist, German King Heinrich von Hohenstauffen gave all rights to the church to be the real property of Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem , but not for a long. After Lazarists left Meiringen, in 1272, е the church was subordinated to the Interlaken monastery till the times of the reform in 1528.

IMG_3971 (1)

During all history, St.Michael church was rebuilt many times. Historical innovations and different architect styles were leaving the marks on the church in every century. Nature was not very gentle as well. Between 13 and 14 centuries Meiringen and places nearby was flooded. In 1762, 9 of July came a debris flow , 14 days with a lot of help also from Bern city, people was clearing the place .


At this moment we can find the ancient church elements in a cellar. And mix of different historical heritage in the main building and chapel.



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