Magic of the Lauenensee

Welcome to Berner Oberland. A place full of emotions, beauty, history and culture. There are also magic places. One of them is the Lauenensee.

From many lakes which are high in mountains, Launensee is easiest to reach with social transport or car. You can easy go from closest villages like Gstaad, Lauenen with Post Auto ( yellow bus) every 30 min. With car from Lauenen around 15 min. Or hike up from Lauenen around 1 h 30 m. If you are biker count around 30 min one way.


As soon you arrive at the lake you become a part of pure alpine nature. The view on glacier waterfalls and mountains around show you the harmony and power of nature. View on the smooth water on the lake make you feel calm and peaceful.

Nature reserve.

Great souls saved this place from electricity industry. Waterfalls and lake are protected from being touchable. Happy harmonious nature shows it’s beauty with gratefulness.  In early summer you can see cows and horses grassing around. Forest makes the air so fresh. And people trying to show respect for each other with no drinking and littering around.

Cosmic energy spot.

Water is magic. Water is power. If you are a spiritual person and believe in energy places – this place is must see in Berner Oberland. Here the Gelten glacier has a special light which is invisible to the human eye. Local people believe that the glacier has special cosmic energy. Then seven waterfalls bring this energy down to the river. This river brings this far through Lauenental. So if you are passionate about meditation you can spend some magic moments with tanking powerful energy into your body and soul. Take a walk to the feet of the waterfall and feel this magic water drops on your skin.


Swiss people believe that in mountain lakes resting in peace souls of the dead people. Locals have a tradition to walk around the lake with clock direction. During this peaceful walk, they thinking about persons which passed away. They believe to get a special connection to the souls of deceased relatives.

In Lauenen dialect, when from waterfalls coming down a dirty water, they say ” Ah, girls washed their blond hairs again”. Normally this phenomenon you can see after the storm or big melting of snow in mountains in spring. What for girls ? This question we leave open.

Healing plants.

This is also one interesting point. Around the lake, you can find many of calming healing plants. Here are some of them:

Chamerion angustifolium

Filipendula ulmaria

Hypericum perforatum

Angelica archangelica

Petasites hybridus

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